How far in advance should we book you for our wedding?

Some dates get booked up to 12-18 months in advance. We recommend that you contact us as soon as you set your date.


Can we schedule our engagement sessions for the weekend?

Typically we shoot weddings on weekends, therefore we plan engagement sessions from Monday to Thursday. If you absolutely are not available on those dates, we can schedule you on a weekend but we reserve the right to reschedule you if a wedding is booked on the same date.


Do you offer payment plans?

Yes we do. If your wedding is 12 or more months away, we can offer a plan with 3 payments.


We have downtime between wedding events, will I be charged for that downtime?

There is never downtime for us. In between events, we are preparing for the next event or shooting location shots. Whether it’s setting up lighting, backing up photographs/footage or making up for lost time, if earlier events ran late, we are always working. If there is a significant amount of time in between events, for example your ceremony is in the morning and the reception is in the evening, we may make an exception but in general passive time is charged at a reduced rate.


When do we receive our photos and video?

You will receive a few teaser photos within 24 hours of your event. If your package contains a one-minute teaser film, you will receive that within 2 weeks. The full gallery is available within two weeks of your session/event. Videos take between 8-12 weeks.


What if our ceremony is in a different language?

We speak English and Spanish. However, we have covered many weddings and events in which we did not speak the primary language of the ceremony or event. We approach every wedding and event with great respect of the traditions and rituals. Throughout the planning process we will work closely with you so that we are aware of the important moments. In the years of experience, we have honed our instincts to be alert to capture the emotion at any given moment.


Do you travel and what are your travel fees?

Yes we do. If our schedule allows, we are open to booking out of state/international travel. In addition to our package, we charge for travel fees and reasonable accommodations.


How do you back up or photos and video?

As soon as we are done, we back up the raw photos and video in three different locations for safekeeping.


What happens if your time is up and we want you to stay?

At the end of our contracted time, we will let you know. You can then decide if you would like us to stay and we will send you an invoice later. We never leave without talking to you first.


You are the photographer and videographer for us! How do we book you?

Great! Once we talk or meet and we all decide we are a good fit, we will put together an agreement with details of your package. You will just sign it digitally and pay the retainer fee.  The balance is due two weeks prior to the event unless you have asked for multiple payments.


What is your style?

We are acclaimed for developing a style that is classic with an edge. We do not follow trends that will eventually go out of style. We strive to create photographs and videos that you and your loved ones will cherish for generations. We take the posed ones that your mom and grandma will love but then we create fun and unique photos for you! We love using creative lighting, unique angles and perspectives and composition to create images that bring out your personality while telling your wedding story.


Do you offer engagement sessions?

We offer a few different engagement session options. They include one- or two-hour sessions or a quick beach golden hour session.


What are your prices and packages?

Send us a message and we will send you the packages for the type of session you are interested in.


Do you edit all of the photographs?

Every single photo that we deliver is hand edited by us in our unique signature style. This involves color correction, exposure adjustment, black and white processing and other corrections when needed.


Can we see a full wedding gallery from start to finish?

Absolutely! We know that photographers only show their best work on their website so it is hard to determine how they work in different circumstances. We will proudly show you a full gallery so you can feel confident on how we will perform on your big day.


Our church or venue is dark. How will you handle that?

We have shot in very dark chapels and venues. If allowed, we set up additional lighting. Since, some chapels do not allow flash photography during portions of the ceremony we have cameras that perform well in low light situations and we have lenses that work well in low light.


How many pictures do we receive?

For weddings and events, the average is 50 per hour. The more that happens, the more photographs you will receive. For portraits, it depends on your package.


How does the album design process work?

We take care of choosing the best images that tell your story in the album. You will then review it and ask to many any changes such as adding or removing photos.


Do you have insurance?

Yes, we do. We have commercial liability insurance.


Do you also shoot events like birthdays, corporate events, quinceañera, and bar mitzvah?

We have experience in many fields of photography and are available for any type of event.


Have you shot at our venue before?

We have shot at so many different locations in our twelve years in business. If we have not, we try to have a walk-through prior to the event. If that is not possible, we make sure to arrive early on the day to perform a walk through and scout out the best locations. We also do extensive research before your big day!


Do you offer albums?

Yes, we do! They take 3-6 months to design, get approved by you and are then hand made by the best album company in the nation.


I will answer all your questions


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